Booking Process

Scooter Rental Cala d’Or

You can rent a scooter in Cala d’or using the following booking system. Please choose the type of motorbike you wish to hire in Cala d’Or and the pick up location. Do not forget that we also offer a free “Pick Up” transfer service for those staying in nearby areas. The locations from which we offer this service are Porto Petro, Cala Serena, Cala Egos, Cala Ferrera and Cala d’Or. Alternatively you can also call for a taxi service or walk to the office.

Use the following for your scooter rental in Cala d'Or

Booking Payment

In order to confirm the reservation at the end of the booking process you will find two payment options: a 20% of the total amount or the full amount.  In case you confirm the booking with the 20% payment of the total booking do not forget to pay the pending balance of the remaining 80% at our office in cash or with credit card.


Very Important

If you hire a scooter in Cala d’or with Motosprint it is mandatory to have previous experience driving these type of motorcycles. You must also bring a drivers License and Id or Passport to the office to confirm the booking. Electronic copies or fotocopies will not be accepted. We would very much appreciate if you could upload those documents on to this booking system when required and do not forget to bring them also with you when you come to collect the motorbike at one of our offices. It is mandatory to wear a helmet when driving a motorcicle or scooter in Mallorca regardless of the size of the vehicle. In Moto Sprint we offer them for free when you proceed with the rental of the vehicle.

If you rent a scooter in Cala d’or with Moto Sprint we will ask you some guarantee by providing the details of your credit card or an Id or passport as a deposit.