Bicycle Rental in Cala dOr

Any bicycle rental in Cala d’Or with Moto Sprint  can be done in any of our offices in Cala d’or or Cala Ferrera.We offer different types of bicycles for hire to adjust to the needs of our customers in the area.  We offer bicycles for rental ranging from type A to type I . There is more information about these bicycles below.


Type C and D |Bicycle Rental Cala dOr


This is the basic type of Bicycles for adults. The price for a C bicycle is 10 euros per one day and the D type is 11 euros

mountain bike

Type E and F |Bike Hire Cala dOr



These are the mountainbike type bicycles with price between 12 to 14 euros.


Type G and I racing  |  Bicycle rental Cala d Or


The racing bikes are the Pinarello and can be Carbon type which are the I type and the aluminium which are the G type. The price will vary between 21 to 25 euros 

tucano electric

Type H and I E-Bike  |  Bike Rental Cala dOr


The electrical bikes are assisted bicycles and we have the tucano H type and the Kross E-bikes. The prices of H tucano are 22 euros and the I type Kross E-biker are 25 euros per day.